Cheapest Bus to Johor You Should Choose

Most people nowadays choosing a near place to go to have a nice simple holiday. The hectic schedule and also the pressure of work will definitely the main reason why they only have a view days of holiday. As one of this kind of person, you can definitely take the nice and simple road trip as your traveling time and enjoy the new view of the new place. So what kind of bus you want to take if you have this kind of plan?

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Taking the bus to Johor from Singapore is such a nice thing to have. There are lots of variant of bus operator you can pick and also the pick-up point you can choose. Along with the affordable price and also comfortable seats, you can enjoy the beautiful view of the road. So, what bus operator we can take to send us to Johor from Singapore?

The best bus operator you can take to Johor from Singapore

You know that there are lots of bus operator you can take once you want to go to Johor from Singapore. Lots of pick-up point you can take to make you easier to go there. All you have to do is just choosing the nearest one from your place, buy the ticket and you can go to Johor easily. The affordable price comes with the nice seats will make your journey more complete.

One of the best bus operator you should choose is the 170 (red plate). By pay the price for only SG $1.90 for a full journey price, you can definitely bring yourself to Johor easily. You can take this bus from the pick-up point Queen Street Terminal Singapore and arrive at Larkin Terminal JB. So, if you want to go to Johor from Queen Street Terminal Singapore, you can definitely choose this one.

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