Lifeline Program and Some Flaws


Through the Safe link Wireless provider and the Lifeline program assistance, the American government is trying their best to help their citizens in improving their standard of life and giving the assistance as best as they can even when the assistance is considered small and unimportant.

For you, the Lifeline Program may not matter much. But you will be surprised to find out that there are unfortunate other people out there who can really use the free phone service because they can’t really afford it. Such people usually have a very low standard of living and earning that even the simplest and an old-school cell phone is a luxury for them.

The Lifeline Program

Also known as the Obama Phone, this program has actually run and existed for around two decades. It was started as a program to provide free landline but now the focus is to provide free cell phone (and also the free service) for those who need it. The government understands that communication is very vital these days and anyone with direct access to it can change their lives for good. That’s why they provide the free phone program to help those unfortunate people to have a better standard of living.

Some Obstacles

The program may seem like a good idea – it is designed to help people in need, after all. However, there are some problems that are related to the implementation of such program. For instance, the program isn’t applied to all states. So far there are only 31 states with the federal regulations for the implementation of this program. The government claims that the actual service covers around 49 states but they haven’t operated in a full capacity.

In case you want to find out whether you are qualified for this program or not, you can always look here to visit the official website and find out more about the service.


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